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Alyssa and Wendy met doing their favorite thing— traveling! On a tour of Israel, they bonded, and now have teamed up to bring the world of travel to you!

Alyssa Schaier is a seasoned luxury travel specialist at Courtyard Travel Ltd. (a branch of Tzell Travel Group).  When she is not helping her clients curate amazing adventures she is busy exploring incredible destinations. Over the last seven years, she has traveled the globe from Africa and India to the Maldives and the Middle East.  Her journeys also include Europe, Peru, the Amazon and so much more.   Prior to entering the travel industry, Alyssa was a marketing/public relations professional with over three decades of experience in a wide range of industries. This included consumer packaged goods (Pepsi); publishing (WWD, W, Family Circle, Fitness magazines); beauty (Shiseido Cosmetics and Indie Lee);  fitness (Jacques Moret Bodywear); health (WebMD and Informed Medical Communications) as well as entertainment, travel advertising, and food companies.

Recently, she has been featured in many travel related articles:

Wendy Sue Knecht always had a passion for travel – even as a little girl when she dreamt of traveling. After pursuing her degree at the University of Arizona, she became a flight attendant for the world’s most iconic airline, Pan Am. Her rich and amazing career included many humorous adventures and life lessons— she wrote about these in her book, Life, Love and a Hijacking. She worked for Delta Airlines after Pan Am’s demise, all the while pursuing her love of invention – selling her travel bag designs and other company’s products on QVC.  She has invented over 20 products, and has licensed her products to other companies, including TravelPro, Richardo Beverly Hills, Ganz and Medline.

Wendy has visited over 90 countries and is a featured travel and lifestyle writer for numerous publications. Wendy’s other passion is patient advocacy, and she is a proud volunteer for the Crisis Text Line.